Title: Mimic Hunter

Developer: Angry Cat Studios

Release date: 23rd January 2018

Platforms: Windows (Steam)

Project phase: Complete, v1.0

Engine: Unity

Short description

Mimic Hunter is an innovative, 2.5D, hardcore platform game that will take you on an epic adventure as the legendary master hunter Monsieur Ratimousse embarks on a journey to find his old mentor Barnabas and stop an ancient demonic force from devouring the mortal world. Unsheathe your sword and your platforming skills to climb forsaken towers, fight nefarious Mimics, solve unforgiving puzzles in an attempt to uncover the grim truth behind the nature of the Unbound.


"Embrace your legacy. Fulfill your destiny. En garde!"

Icon & logo

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Box art

Main features

  • Unique, cylindrical, mind-bending "2.5D" environment
  • Hand-drawn, macabre-esque art style and animations
  • Lore-rich story with many surprises, twists and mysteries spanning seven Campaign towers
  • Hardcore platforming gameplay with traps, timed puzzles and more!
  • Fencing! En garde!
  • Dangerous and mischievous, various enemy types, each with its unique behavior
  • A fully-fledged Tower Builder with which you can create and share your own adventure!
  • Competitive game modes such as Time Attack and Survival
  • Fully remappable control scheme with controller support
  • Steam achievements (*in the Steam release only)

Theatrical Launch Trailer

Beta Demo Trailer


About Angry Cat Studios

Angry Cat Studios was founded in 2015 with 5 members. Our first game was Ultimate Space Commando, published on Steam in May 2015, developed by our lead developer Aliza Wenders in solo at that time. In the next year we experimented with a few prototypes in a search for our next project, including a little sneak peek into the Android platform that resulted in our free-to-play app PROBE. Once again, we're back into the world of PC games to bring you a rattastic platformer RPG! Currently we have 6 colleagues: the lead developer/game designer, a graphic artist, a CEO/marketing manager, a marketing assistant/"mechanic", an office manager, and a co-owner/cameraman with great visions ;-). Though we are a very small company, we are still triple A: adorable, angry and authentic ;-)!


Lead developer / Programmer / Game designer: Aliza Wenders
Lead graphic artist: Derwen Llewelyn
Tester / Marketing assistant: Lev
Marketing manager / Managing director: Szilvia Szűcs
Co-owner / Cameraman: Figusz
Office manager: Ancsika

Monetization permission

Angry Cat Studios does allow the contents of this game to be published through video broadcasting services, but only with due attribution of Angry Cat Studios.

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