Ultimate Space Commando: Counterforce

USC: Counterforce – Alpha 1 Gameplay Trailer:

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• USC:CF is a sci-fi turn- and squad-based tactical strategy game
• It is the sequel to Ultimate Space Commando (USC), released in 2015 on Steam with a current 82% rating
• Inspired by old-school TBS classics like Laser Squad, Space Crusade, Incubation and the original UFO, but like USC, USC:CF has a custom-made, in-depth combat and RPG-lite system
• Made with Unity, featuring state-of-the- art real-time graphics, effects and a modern take on user interface compared to the original USC’s retro visuals


What makes USC:CF special?

• USC:CF will feature a random-generated, but well-balanced and very replayable Campaign mode with rich lore and story elements (Campaign goals and challenges will vary with each playthrough)
• Additional game modes with online profile and leaderboard/seasons system: fully customizable Single Mission, an improved ”Defend the Base!”, and other multi-mission scenarios
• Like its predecessor, USC:CF gameplay will greatly build upon a fully destructible and interactive map system with various hazards, chain reactions, movable objects, barricades—the
ability to transform the map to suit your tactical situation
• The alien swarm with an even better and aggressive AI will be back: they will come crashing through walls, lurk in service tunnels, flank and overwhelm your squads relentlessly


Fully detailed tutorial video about USC: Counterforce – Alpha 1 Demo:


Check out the comparison slider! [Old visuals & New interface || WIP]

USC: Counterforce
USC - 2015

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