Jet Rat

Jet Rat is a “steamjunk,” story-driven action-platformer-RPG set in a unique, rattastic world full of mischief, heroism and secrets, in which you create your very own rat to embark on a journey to save Ratlantic City from the evil of its corrupt mayor, Hector LeBlanc the Third.

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    Jet Rat Prototype demo #1

    ❗ Prototype demo #1 of our upcoming, “rattastic” platformer-RPG “Jet Rat” is now available ❗ ➡ HERE: Jet Rat Demo 1 Trailer: ...

    On 02/05/2017 / By
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    Today’s prototype testing. ;)


    On 07/11/2016 / By
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    The world of Jet Rat is full of mysteries!

    Will you be able to discover the truth behind the fall of the once magnificent underground empire of the enigmatic Abyssnails? ...

    On 19/10/2016 / By
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    Taily Herald – Cockroaches have overrun the City of Light! – Business News by Jargon Ratto

    A serious threat has emerged to the balanced-until-now workforce of the City of Light, as immigrant cockroaches now take up work for the fraction of a rat’s normal wage. The problem is not unknown for the Ombudsrat Union, but the government has not yet addressed the problem. A few years ago the widely hiring of snail workers threatened with the same situation, ...

    On 10/10/2016 / By
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    Taily Herald – Winter is coming! – Sport News

    Winter is coming! – Sport News Written by Bruce Mice As we all know, the Trans-sewage Winter Tournament will be held–what a surprise!–again in Ratlantic City. Due to the recent conflicts with the snails, this year the events will take place under more extreme circumstances between the sporty contestants. Albeit the zones are full of dangers by themselves, the athletes have no ...

    On 06/10/2016 / By
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    Science spotlight: Rattus Ratlanticus

    Where do we come from? What are we? What does it truly mean to be a ”rat?” These are hard questions that many citizens of our fine city don’t ask even once in their life. Even though our species, the Rattus Ratlanticus, is a close relative to other rat variations that once lived in these parts of the Sewers, there are many ...

    On 04/09/2016 / By
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    Taily Herald – The Beef attribute

    Most rats are skinny, but who said a little muscle will hurt? Think punkrational! You don’t need to outrun or outsmart the dangers if you can take more, deal more, and carry more! The beefy guy is always the one who still stands when the smoke clears! The Beef attribute increases the health, stamina and carry weight of your character and overall ...

    On 02/09/2016 / By
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    Taily Herald — Issue #1

    “I don’t care if it’s toxic, I also grew up in the Sewers!” Only a few months prior to final Ratlantic City election runs, ascendant but controversial council spokesrat Dr. Mogax steps in as a serious contender against LeBlanc’s „clean minds, clean streets” policy. According to the new candidate, “it’s a lie, just another hoax to cover up his unwillingness to address ...

    On 22/08/2016 / By
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    Jet Rat

    Jet Rat is an action-platformer with role-playing elements, lots of humour, incredible adventures and witty puzzles.   ...

    On 18/08/2016 / By
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    Today’s brainstorming now begins!

    Before every brainstorming, a random rat face is drawn on the board. This is a kind of a ritual, a tuning on. Here’s today’s ratface 🙂   ...

    On 08/08/2016 / By
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    Get to know Figusz, the rattastic “Angel” of Angry Cat Studios! ;)

    Figusz, the rattastic “Angel” “Hey there! I’m Figusz, eldest member of the team. I’m so old that I know what a quartz game is, and I remember loading games from tapes! I had my first steps in the remote village of Nyírderzs in Hungary. It is a very small settlement that had only one road heading in, and none heading out in ...

    On 01/08/2016 / By
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    The rattastic mechanic

    Lev is the “mechanic” of the Angry Cat Studios team. But who is he and what does he want? “I grew up in the downtown of Budapest as a real kid of the block, playing soccer, doing wargames, and riding bikes with the other boys. I was about 10 years old, when on a sunny day I got the first platformer of ...

    On 30/07/2016 / By
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    The rattastic lead developer

    Aliza Wenders is one of the cornerstones of the Angry Cat Studios team. She has recently undergone some changes… from Aliza Wenders she became Aliza Wendrats! But who is she and what does she want? “I’m a game enthusiast since I got my first computer, a Commodore-64 when I was 7. I started coding my first games in BASIC not long after, ...

    On 28/07/2016 / By
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    We need something…

    – classic – side-scrolling – a platformer – with varied levels and enemies – with an original and interesting story with twists – with multiple game modes and multiplayer – with a built-in level editor and workshop – and with “rattastic” characters   ...

    On 27/07/2016 / By
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    They will overthrow the Pokémons!

    What? Who would be crazy enough to think that anyone could overthrow the rule of Pokémons? You’re absolutely right! Not anyone, but a small, enthusiastic team from Hungary! They’ve dreamt of a rattastic world full of humour, action, adventure and twists! Them, the team of Angry Cat Studios: Aliza: simply a genius, she is the lead developer of Angry Cat Studios Figusz: ...

    On 26/07/2016 / By
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    Everyone is looking for Pokémons nowadays!

    In case you don’t know what I’m talking about: Pokémon GO is a game in which you must collect little monsters, but not while sitting in the couch at all! With a help of a map you have to go to real, actual places, where the Pokémon lives. If you manage to catch it, you get to fight it. But see, our team ...

    On 25/07/2016 / By

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